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Our sensor, actuator, transducer and measurement expertise improves the accurate utilization and measurement of all plant resources. In this light, we are currently offering a number of effective test and measurement technologies.

Our multimode frequency averaging filters address low speed/velocity measurement and control problems by reproducing input signals at average frequency. They process quadrature/encoder or general clock/direction type inputs in all popular interface types. Mini Multimode Frequency Averaging Filter Maxi Multimode Frequency Averaging Filter
  Mini frequency averaging filter Maxi frequency averaging filter
Terminator Encoder Signal Filter Mini Multimode Encoder Filter Encoders, in rotary or linear form, are the most popular mechanical motion/position sensors and our multimode encoder filter technology complements, safeguards and extends their capabilities and performance.
Terminator encoder filter Mini encoder filter  
The Motion Guard line of interfaces isolate, filter and protect popular motion controllers from external signals. Motion Guard Isolator and Filter
In-line humidity sensor and CSNS controller CSNS Moisture/Humidity Sensor and Controller Our capacitive humidity/moisture sensors address the problem of measuring humidity in-line production.
The PFCDxx power factor current detector detects the apparent power and one of the reactive or active power currents to generate two related analog outputs for further processing by external devices such as a PLC. (Our power factor related products are summarized here). PFCDxx Power Factor Current Detector
Hall Effect Sensor
Our Hall-effect technology addresses electric current and power sensing applications where an OEM component or sub-assembly can be used.
3 Phase Power Analyser
Narrow Focus Proximity Sensors
Our self-aligning narrow focus proximity sensor is magnetic and detects millimetre-sized features such as gear teeth.
Our line of KADAxx production testers address the need of CE compliance testing on the production floor. KADAxx production tester
RS422 to 24V Interface Interface mounted on current transformer Signal interfaces and converters interface, isolate and convert between different signal types and formats.
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