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Humidity/Moisture Sensors for the Processing Industry
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In-Line Humidity Sensor
In-line humidity sensor
Our humidity/moisture sensors address the problem of measuring humidity in-line production and without interfering chemically, physically or mechanically with the processes taking place. The technology is one of the results of project IMPROLIVE (a nineties FAIR programme, EU funded) involving the processing of olive oil production wastes.

The features of this technology are:

  • Being based on the capacitive principle, our sensor is robust, has no moving parts and is chemically, physically and mechanically inert,
  • As detecting capacitance does not react in any way with the monitored process, the sensor can be of any physical shape,
  • As we are detecting absolute quantities of water, the monitored mass can be in any substance, form or phase, and
  • We offer the specialist electronics for the job!
Oven/Drier Humidity Sensor
Oven/drier humidity sensor

The AR1-H panel hygrostat processes the sensor output in controlling drying or wetting installations.

CSNS Capacitive Sensor and Controller
CSNS capacitive sensor
and controller
The CSNS sensor and controller combines sensing in remote locations with local control functions. The CSNS Sensor and Controller features the following resources:
  • Galvanically isolated sensor capacitance measurement,
  • Two configurable multifunction analog ports for voltage, potentiometer or 2-wire/3-wire Pt100 temperature element input,
  • Two configurable galvanically isolated 24 VDC universal connection single bit inputs,
  • Two configurable galvanically isolated single bit outputs,
  • Dual standard serial communication port: EIA(RS)232 for local communications and/or EIA(RS)485 for connection to Quamatic, Modbus (link in new window) and similar networks, and
  • Dual 230/115 VAC power supply.

The CSNS sensor and controller is housed in an aluminum cast enclosure protected to IP65.

The CSNS sensor and controller firmware allows for:
  • Simple, self-contained, unattended operation by non-specialist personnel,
  • Fully programmable, locally or via the network connection, parameters and functions for each port, input and output,
  • Five point calibration table to convert the internal humidity reading to user units,
  • Compensation functions for temperature dependencies, series capacitance and similar effects, and
  • Complete integration within a Quamatic network (automatically detected) or other supervisory systems.

The BAO1 panel controller and logger is a suitable master mode displaying device to monitor one or more CSNSs in a network.

CSNS sensor and controller monitoring beehive activity
CSNS sensor and controller
monitoring beehive activity

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