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Motion Guard Universal Signal Isolator and Filter
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Motion Guard Isolator and Filter for the Popular Delta Tau PMAC
Motion Guard isolator and filter for the Delta Tau PMAC

The Motion Guard line of interfaces work by isolating, filtering and protecting the motion controller from adverse external events.

The Motion Guard line interfaces to most popular motion controllers.

The devices interface the motion controller to the external world, filter common and differential mode noise and protect it from catastrophic voltage spikes, destructive ground loops and short circuits.

Features include:

The unit processes the signals of all four movement axes at galvanically isolated supply potentials grouped as follows:

All potentials are available at the units terminals and can be externally connected as required.

Connection to the controller is made with the controller's own type of multi-pin connector.

The unit LEDs indicate the status of the Home, Upper Limit, Lower Limit, Fault, Enable signals and the state of each power supply.

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