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Quamatic Distributed Automation Platform Overview
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Our Quamatic technology addresses distributed automation needs and is a standard feature of all our products with network connectivity. Quamatic communication is based on an open, freely available, double-DLE, byte-oriented and easy-to-implement protocol.

Its architecture reflects the reality of industrial and commercial plants. Every plant is unique in organisation, function and people. In all plants however, information (in the form of data and messages) is produced and consumed all over the place concurrently.

Quamatic Architecture

Quamatic functions are distributed in a chain of 'nodes', each controlling a RS485 multidrop line of 'satellites'.

Each Node performs the data processing and message passing associated with its satellites, while each satellite performs a specific local role as required by the plant organisation.

The characteristics, functions and parameters of each Node and satellite are coded in the form of a locally held 'Configuration File'. Specific and overall control is performed by any serial data device, usually a PC running relevant application software.

It is this architecture which makes a Quamatic system an effective and efficient tool offering:

Here are some typical Quamatic Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications:


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