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INVDxx AC Motor Inverter Drives
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Our fully protected, programmable and network-ready INVD inverter drive is a versatile building block in single and multiple AC motor control applications.

INVD20 inverter drive
The INVDxx inverter drives interface with most (if not all) automation equipment in the market as well as all Quamatic hardware. They are versatile mechanical interfaces in many applications and are fully protected, network-ready, digitally-controlled, fully-programmable units. They are simple to install and are effectively employed in speed control applications driving:

Main features of the line include:

The four types in each power category are:

Multi-motor applications are very easy to implement. Any number of INVDs can be connected in a EIA(RS)485 network and controlled by a BAO-1 panel controller or other network master, all individually programmable by the supplied PC software. Using the frequency control feature enables the network to follow a master encoder or other similar device with minimal hardware. When the PLL feature is employed with local encoder feedback each unit can drive the motor speed under PID control with no other devices needed.

Inverter operation is determined by the programmable parameters and is controlled locally via the control input/output interface and remotely via the serial port. All models have full parameter programmability via the serial port and all changes are immediately effective. The available parameter groups are:

Protections are individually programmable and enabled. These include:


The accompanying PC software tool is used to set up, monitor and operate the inverter drive.

The INVD can be powered via its DC bus in custom arrangements such as this on the right. Four parallel-in, series-out connected 24/173 V DC/DC converters generate the 6 KVA, 690 VDC bus needed by the INVD to drive a 3x480 VAC motor load from a 24 VDC source.

6KVA DC fed inverter drive



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