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Our power electronics improve the utilization and management of all energy resources. We are currently offering a number of effective power electronics technologies.

INVDxx Inverter Drive

Our fully protected, programmable and network-ready INVD inverter drive is a versatile building block in single and multiple AC motor control applications.

IMOD Inverter Module

Our fully-protected IMOD inverter OEM module is designed for maximum adaptability to the original product requirements.

Mistral Ventilation Control

Our Mistral ventilation control addresses the needs which are typical of the catering and food preparation environment.

Our standard NSFTxx and basic BSxT soft starters accelerate and decelerate motor loads smoothly, save energy and reduce system wear and tear. Our soft starting technologies are summarized here. NSFTxx Soft Starter

NSFTxx standard soft starter

BSTT Basic Soft Starter

BSTT basic soft starter

ICCDxx Integral Cycle Control Drive Our versatile and fully protected integral cycle thermal load drive ICCDxx line drive thermal loads with complete cycles minimizing supply and load line disturbances and noise.
Our versatile and fully protected CACSW integrated power factor capacitor AC switch connects a single- or three-phase 25 A power factor capacitor bank to the line, employing bypassed, zero crossing, solid state thyristor switches. CACSW Power factor capacitor AC switch
VBR Vibrating Actuator Control The VBR-1 vibrating actuator control drives a vibrating actuator such as a sieve or bowl feeder with variable excitation at two frequencies.
The DEFOG heater element is attached to the back of a mirror or similar surface to stop water vapour condensing in humid environments. DEFOG Heater Element
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