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Our robotics and motion control expertise improves the utilization and motion control of all plant resources. In this light, we are currently offering a number of effective robotics and automation technologies.

The Jolly Jogger control offers a simple, versatile and comprehensive solution in treadmill applications. Only one other external item, the variable speed AC or DC drive, is required to realize a functioning treadmill with the Jolly Jogger monitoring and controling all treadmill activity.
Jolly Jogger treadmill control
Lift control system
ElevationBase unit
Lift control system
ElevationFloor unit
Lift control system
ElevationCar unit
The elevation lift control system is a distributed EIA(RS)485 multidrop network system which processes the lift installation inputs and controls the overall lift operation.

Our Motion One controller is designed to perform all motion control chores in the movement between four programmable positions and two "soft" limits.
Motion One Motion/Position Controller
Mini Line Multimode Frequency Averaging Filter Maxi Line Multimode Frequency Averaging Filter Our multimode frequency averaging filters address low speed/velocity measurement and control problems by reproducing input signals at average frequency. They process quadrature/encoder or general clock/direction type inputs in all popular interface types.
Mini frequency averaging filter Maxi frequency averaging filter  
Encoders, in rotary or linear form, are the most popular mechanical motion/position sensors and our multimode encoder filter technology complements, safeguards and extends their capabilities and performance. Terminator Encoder Signal Filter Mini Multimode Encoder Filter
Terminator encoder filter
Mini encoder filter
Motion Guard Isolator and Filter The Motion Guard line of interfaces isolate, filter and protect popular motion controllers from external signals.
The iSFT intelligent soft starter panel controller has been designed for demanding motor starting applications. iSFT Soft Starter Controller
Solid State Relay Analog Controller

Our versatile and fully protected SSRAC solid state relay analog controller interfaces 0 - 10 VDC control signals to SSRs in AC phase control and DC PWM applications.

PWM Solid State Relay Drive

Our fully protected PWM solid state relay drive interface accepts an analog 0 - 10 VDC, PWM or potentiometer signal to drive a DC solid state relay (SSR) in pulse width modulation (PWM) DC control applications.

NSFT/ICCD Panel Controller The NSFT/ICCD panel controller adds local and Quamatic (or similar) network control capabilities to the NSFTxx soft starter and the ICCDxx thermal load drives.
The BAO-1 panel controller and logger is an effective solution for the distributed process/batch control environment. It combines local and remote control with production logging facilities and manages a Quamatic (or similar) network of satellites. BAO-1 Panel Controller and Logger
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