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Motion One Controller
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Motion One Controller front view Our Motion One controller is designed to perform all the motion control chores in the movement between four programmable positions and two "soft" limits. Typical applications are material-in and material-out tables/belts as well as tool/workpiece positioners.

The six positions are "taught" in a "learning" session, whereby the controller is taken through the desired locations. No further motion control software and/or programming is required at installation or normal operation as all the necessary calculations are performed by the controller. Furthermore, the controller continuously monitors the driven system for static friction and elasticity (or vibration).

The controller can operate on its own whereby the various commands can be generated by switch contacts or as a slave to a master controlling device (such as a PLC).

Encoder signals are employed as the position input. These are internally filtered (as with our multimode encoder filters) and processed to generate the analog velocity output. For low accuracy systems, the velocity output is quantised in four levels by four bit outputs (a typical application being an inverter driven at four programmed speeds).

The I/O interface also features two control commands ("learn" and "reset") and four bit outputs ("idle", "direction", "learn" and "fault") which can be used to activate brakes, indicating signals and so on.

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