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Kindly pay your invoice here or buy sampling quantities of our products online below. On line payment is effected via PayPal and no Paypal account is required for major credit card payments. We are pleased to offer free shipping for orders above €250 while orders under €250 are charged a flat €35 shipping rate. Please also see the applicable ordering and shipping information (link opens in new window).

Terminator multimode encoder signal filter Mini multimode encoder signal filter Buy Multimode Encoder Filters Online.

Encoder filters remove electrical noise and the effects of mechanical noise and vibration in motion control and robotic systems. The filters remove all types of electrical noise (common and differential mode, dV/dt transients, ground loop generated etc.) in the encoder signal lines as well as the corrupting effects of mechanical noise and vibration (phantom movement, dither etc.). They reconstruct the encoder signals to reflect the correct encoder position and speed signaling.

Mini line frequency averaging filter Buy Frequency Averaging Filters Online.

Averaging filters are encoder filters which additionally reproduce the encoder signals at average input frequency. They clean-up and ensure the electrical and low-level integrity of the encoder signals and then process these signals to reproduce them at average input frequency. They process quadrature/encoder or general clock/direction type inputs.

VSPFC variable step power factor controller AVSR3 autocalibrating variable step reactive current power factor regulator Buy Power Factor Controls Online.

Power factor controls minimize apparent and reactive power currents in the monitored installation. They dynamically monitor and minimize the reactive and apparent power currents in the monitored installation and so maximize current capacity utilization as well as minimize overall conduction losses. Their response time makes them suitable for effective compensation of frequently started, low-duty or variable loads such as lifts, conveyors, pumps, production machinery, fans and office lighting.

Solid state relay analog interface Solid state relay PWM drive Solid state relay integral cycle control drive Buy Solid State Relay Interfaces Online.

Solid state relay (SSR) interfaces accept an analog, PWM or potentiometer signal and drive the SSR in a number of modes. AC loads are driven with phase controlled cycles or sequences of complete cycles and DC loads are controlled with PWM at selected frequencies.

DEFOG heater element Buy DEFOG Heater Elements Online.

The DEFOG heater element is attached to the back of a mirror or similar surface to stop water vapour condensing in humid environments such as in a bath or shower room.

Jolly Jogger treadmill control Buy Jolly Jogger Treadmill Controls Online.

The Jolly Jogger treadmill control offers a simple, versatile and comprehensive solution in treadmill applications. Only one other external item, the variable speed AC or DC drive, is required to realize a functioning treadmill with the Jolly Jogger monitoring and controlling all treadmill activity.

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