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Mistral Ventilation Control
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The Mistral ventilation fan control does not require any set-up and features a very simple user interface and IP54 packaging.
Mistral ventilation control - a typical IMOD application With its ergonomic polyester membrane front panel and passive heat dissipation system, it is especially suited for the professional catering and food preparation environment, bringing the following improvements:
  • Lower energy bills as the appropriate ventilation rate for the instance is used - full capacity at peak demand hours but lower at all other times,
  • Lower noise levels, as the ventilation plant is not running at full capacity all the time, and
  • Option to use larger capacity equipment to handle peaks in ventilation rate demand effortlessly.

The Mistral is fully protected in driving three phase 3x230 V induction motors from a single phase 230 V supply with a cable up to 15 m long.

The Mistral is supported by the following accessories:

The Mistral uses our fully-protected IMOD inverter module  which features a large heatsink (requires no fan) and can drive a 2 HP motor at low power factors.

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