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Integral Cycle Thermal Load Drive
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The ICCDxx line employs thyristor switches to drive thermal loads with complete cycles minimizing supply and load line disturbances and noise.
60 A Integral Cycle Control Drive They interface with most (if not all) hardware as well as most automation equipment in the market and are a versatile and effective thermal load interface in many applications.

They are all fully protected, digitally-controlled and programmable units. They are simple to install and are effectively employed in applications driving:

  • All types of resistive and inductive heaters,
  • Ovens, and
  • Boilers.

Main features of the line include:

The NSFT/ICCD panel controller accessory enables the ICCDxx to operate in a Quamatic (or similar) network as well as extending its control range.

The SSR integral cycle control drive similarily controls a solid state relay in single phase or less demanding three-phase heating applications.

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