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CACSW Integrated Power Factor Capacitor AC Switch
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The CACSW integrated power factor capacitor switch connects a single- or three-phase 25 A power factor capacitor bank to the line, employing bypassed, zero crossing, solid state thyristor switches. Its phase fault detector can be used to either monitor the line for phase integrity or the capacitor bank circuit for fuse state as well as line faults.
PF capacitor AC switch
CACSW integrated power factor capacitor ac switch

The CACSW solid state thyristor switches connect to the capacitor bank at zero voltage difference without any disturbing inrush currents. They are then bypassed by a relay to eliminate all thyristor conduction losses and are protected against overheating, typically caused by failure of the relay contacts. The control input is digitally filtered to reject noise and the unit responds within a maximum time of 2.5 seconds.

The CACSW is designed for most standard single- or three-phase line systems connecting up to 25 A capacitor banks. The characterizing features are as follows:

The CACSW interfaces directly to our VSPFC variable step PF controller and PFC1 fast power factor controller.

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