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BSxT Basic Soft Starters
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The BSxT soft starters accelerate and decelerate (BSFT models only) simple AC induction motor loads smoothly, save energy and reduce system wear and tear.

11kW BSTT11 Soft Starter

The BSxT soft starters are partly protected, digitally-controlled and programmable units. They are simple to install and are effectively employed in cost sensitive applications driving:

Main features of the line include:

  1. Over/Under-voltage: to protect against supply line problems.
  2. Phase sequence and integrity: to protect against dropped phase faults and wrong phase sequence after reconnection to the grid.
  3. Noise and line disturbances: protected against the high-voltage spikes and faults of the industrial environment.
  4. Internal temperature: to protect against cooling circuit failure, typically caused by a blocked fan or ventilation inlet/outlet.

The individual model characteristics are summarized in the following table:

BSxT line characteristics at 3x400 VAC
Model Motor power,
Delta conneted,
Motor power,
Inside-Delta conneted,
Maximum starting
phase current,
Maximum motoring
phase current,
Maximum starts per hour
BSFT10 14/10 24/17 55 19 Unlimited
BSTT11 15/11 26/19 55 22 60
BSFT12 16/12 27/20 75 25 Unlimited


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