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Fire Protection and Smoke Damper UTP Controller
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Effective fireprotection calls for the hierarchical determination of each function of the covered area under all conditions. With this in mind, the UTP controller follows the typical fireprotection cycle of "system preparation" to "normal function" to "alarm condition" to "area clearing" and back to "system preparation".
Fire Protection and Smoke Damper UTP controller
The UTP controller drives two galvanically isolated groups of 8 loads each with 24 - 230 VAC TRIAC (solid-state) switches.

Typical loads are firedamper actuators/motors, warning lamps, contactors etc. The outputs switch in synchronisation with the AC supply to minimise turn-on (in-rush) currents, load stress and generated noise.

The controller interfaces to external systems with its fully protected 12 bit inputs and 8 bit outputs.

The outputs are galvanically isolated NPN optotransistors and the inputs are NPN sinks at the controller potential.

The UTP controller can also supply local automation devices with unregulated 15 VDC.

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