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Solid State Relay Analog Controller
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SSRAC Solid State Relay Analog Controller Our fully protected solid state relay analog controller interface accepts a 0 - 10 VDC, PWM or potentiometer signal to drive a solid state relay (SSR) in AC phase control and DC PWM applications such as:
  • PLC controlled light dimming,
  • Potentiometer controlled heater, and
  • Small motor load soft starting.

The controller is powered and synchronized to the line by the low voltage AC input and connects directly without any other components to the SSR and control input source.

It is mounted above the SSR with accompanying 50 mm spacers and screws. (The spacers are also used to fix the SSR at the mounting face).

The SSR ICCD solid state relay integral cycle control drive sister product is used in AC integral cycle control applications while the PWM SSR drive controls a DC solid state relay/switch in pulse width modulation control applications.

Sampling/small quantities of all our SSR interfaces are available for online purchase here.


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