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RCCSx Power Factor Reactive Current Controlled Switch
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The RCCSx power factor reactive current controlled switch dynamically compensates low inductive power factor lines by switching capacitors in and out of the single or three-phase line. The RCCSx is a fully protected, digitally-controlled and highly integrated unit. It is very simple to install and adaptable to all power factor capacitor compensation applications. The only other parts required to form a complete power factor correction system are a current transformer and the compensating capacitor(s).
RCCS1 Single power factor reactive current controlled switch

RCCS1 Single power factor reactive current controlled switch

RCCS3 Triple power factor reactive current controlled switch

RCCS3 Triple power factor reactive current controlled switch

The RCCSx switches measure the reactive current in a single- or three- phase system and activate one (RCCS1) or three (RCCS3) 8 A solid state switches to connect compensating capacitors in and out of the line. The current is detected with a current transformer (CT) in one of the phase lines and the sampling period is selectable from 4 to 32 seconds.

The RCCSx fast response make them particularly suitable for fast dynamic compensation of frequently started, low-duty or variable loads such as:

The RCCSx are designed for standard European and US, single- and three-phase, 50-60 Hz lines. Characterizing features are as follows:

Each capacitor switch is activated when the detected reactive current is above the respective set value as determined at the activation potentiometer. Switch activation/deactivation happens at every sampling instant as set at the DIP switch.

During normal operation each "Switch ON" LED indicates the on or off condition of the relevant switch. In the event of its power circuit overheating, the switch is deactivated and the "Switch ON" LED flashes until power is removed. Overheating is usually the result of switch bypass relay failure and in such a case the worn relay is easily removed from its socket and replaced.

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