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A8 Panel Controller
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The A8 panel controller has been designed for the process as well as the discrete event control environment with the following user-oriented characteristics:

Typical applications include process control in the food and beverage industry, general material transport and agricultural systems.

The A8 Panel Controller
The controller features the following resources:
  • 8-channel (with optionally 1 mA excited inputs) 12-bit A/D,
  • 1 optoisolated bit input measuring pulse rate, period and/or count to interface to encoders or similar transducers
  • 2 optoisolated general purpose bit inputs,
  • 8 optoisolated bit outputs,
  • RS232 type serial port,
  • 4-digit-plus-signLED display,
  • 2 front-panel membrane switches, and
  • 32k battery backed-up CMOS memory.

The processor, an Intel 87C51Fx, runs at 12 MHz. The front panel is protected to IP54 and is covered by a polyester membrane. The display is visible through a suitably transparent window and the switches are of the tactile type.

The controller is parametrically programmable in the following:

All parameters are programmable (separately or in groups) at all times (including during normal operation) via the serial port. This enables the controller to be used as a slave to a master which dynamically alters set-points or performs fuzzy control.

The controller comes with all the necessary software including a simulator for the off-line development of the system transfer functions.

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