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Jolly Jogger Treadmill Control
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Our Jolly Jogger control offers a simple, versatile and comprehensive solution in treadmill applications. With the only other external item required to realize a functioning treadmill, the variable speed AC or DC drive, the Jolly Jogger monitors and controls all treadmill activity for a safe and vitalizing experience.
Jolly Jogger treadmill control
The Jolly Jogger treadmill controller.

The Jolly Jogger integrates all the functions expected in a treadmill application:

All aspects of Jolly Jogger operation are set and controlled by configuration parameters kept in non-volatile memory. The parameters are accessible/set via the front panel display and switches or the board's serial port and the provided monitoring/setup software.

The controller is designed for 50-60 Hz supply lines of 115 and 230 VAC and with the following characterizing features:

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