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Jolly Jogger Treadmill Control
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Our Jolly Jogger control offers a simple, versatile and comprehensive solution in treadmill applications. With the only other external item required to realize a functioning treadmill, the variable speed AC or DC drive, the Jolly Jogger monitors and controls all treadmill activity for a safe and vitalizing experience.
Jolly Jogger treadmill control Jolly Jogger treadmill control, rear view
The Jolly Jogger treadmill controller, front and rear view.

The Jolly Jogger integrates all the functions expected in a treadmill application:

All aspects of Jolly Jogger operation are set and controlled by configuration parameters kept in non-volatile memory. The parameters are accessible/set via the front panel display and switches or the board's serial port and the provided monitoring/setup software.

The controller is designed for 50-60 Hz supply lines of 115 and 230 VAC and with the following characterizing features:

The controller can be programmed, configured and monitored by computer using the USB/TTL interface and the provided jolly_jogger_jobs software, downloaded from here (765K, zip archive). USB/TTL interface USB/TTL interface

The controller is also offered in retrofit form for popular, used third party treadmills. Current offerings include Technogym© and Precor© platforms and we are always seeking market/customer input in expanding the line.
The retrofit control kit for popular, used Technogym© models. The retrofit control kit for popular, used Technogym© models, rear view. The retrofit control kit for popular used Precor© models The retrofit control kit for popular used Precor© models
Retrofit boards for popular, used Technogym© and Precor© treadmills.

Sampling/small quantities are available for online purchase here.

Download/see promotional leaflet (pdf), manual (pdf), request further information or a quote/offer

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